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I'm liking this! My favorite games in the bundle are Dr. Moonlight's Happyworld and Xoo. They are the ones that show the most love and care put on them, in my honest opinion.

That said, I have a problem with Dr. Moonlight's. I can't seem to find the ghoul's weakness. I can defeat it after a long battle, but it costs me a lot of spent sandwiches and bullets. Is there something that oneshots him, like with the demons and the invisible man? Or that at least does a lot of damage to him?

Neat stuff!

Man, this collection would have changed everything in 1989!

Xoo: Xeno Safari is the highlight, just a chill out and explore pseudo-RPG. I had a fondness for Owlbears as well.

Check it out!

Yeah. 1989 was a hot year. Mother came out in Japan. Dragon Warrior came out in America. Castlevania 3! Megaman 2! Ducktales!

1999: Megallennium 6-in-1 Mega Cart would've blown 1989 out of the stratosphere!

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Can you port this to Mac? I loved Void Pyramid and would like to play more of your work and this looks awesome.

I will definitely port this to Mac. If it goes smoothly, I'll get it done this weekend.

Hey any news on the Mac port?

It's going... poorly. There is a weird display bug. I'm working with the engine's developer to get it sorted out, but progress has been slow. I'm sorry to let you down. I promise that I haven't forgotten about you. =(