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ChoiceBeat is the world's only zine dedicated to visual novels, interactive fiction, narrative games, and other forms of choice-heavy, text-heavy digital games. This eclectic issue features 30+ pages of news, articles, reviews, previews, and interviews including:

  • Domino Club
  • Escape from Norwood
  • Fishing Vacation
  • Gnosia
  • I, the Forgotten One
  • Last Chance in Xollywood
  • Raging Loop
  • The Shapeshifting Detective
  • Books turned into games!
  • Fake games!
  • Assorted mayhem!
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorWilly Elektrix
GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction, Visual Novel
Tagsartgame, FMV, Game Design, Narrative, zine


ChoiceBeat #9 (PDF) 8 MB


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So happy to see Gnosia get some well-deserved appreciation. I love that game to death, for all the reasons mentioned and more. There's an ethereal quality to the art that creates a unique atmosphere, and the futuristic-sounding score only adds to it. I think Andi nailed the mechanisms by which the repetitive gameplay loop manages to stay fresh, all the while telling a pretty engaging story no less.

Also, hard agree on Raging Loop sucking lol.


When you praised Gnosia, you became a great ChoiceBeat reader. But when you slammed Raging Loop, you became the ideal ChoiceBeat reader.