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REALLY cool game, well done! Having lots of fun. Unique setting, not often you see sci fi like this. I hope you make another game like it, maybe a party-based one with character customisation. But hey, you're the dev. If you're ever in need of a composer, let me know. But anyway, love it, a pleasant surprise to find this gem.

My favorite game ever)

PS Sometimes wanna more adventures in that universe by the space Ankh Battleship or something other)

Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically buy games from to avoid that.


I uploaded the Android APK. I made it for Android 8, so I'm not sure of the compatibility with new Android versions, but go on and give it a try.

Thanks! I’m running it on Android 11. It seems to run great, and everything is working.

I do have one small nitpick. The device I’m using has an integrated gamepad which works great, but it would be nice if the on-screen controls could be hidden since I don’t need them.


very fun!


I use a Mac and it says the binary is 32-bit but Mac only supports 64-bit now. Is there anyway you can recompile it for 64-bit Mac so all your fans with Mac computers can play? Looks like a great game and I would love to play!

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I second this! I know this is older - I loved it on Android a few years ago - but I would love if we could get a 64-bit mac build so I can replay it

Update: hopefully the dev will get around to putting the release on here, but if not, the mac zip on here includes all the files needed to recompile, so if you download the OHRRPGCE tool it was made in, you can open it up and export a 64-bit Mac version!


Awesome game! Rewarding exploration, satisfying progression, interesting art direction, and catchy music! 


Tales from the "Blood, Sweat And Tears Bundle":

I have purchased this game as part of the "Blood, Sweat And Tears" Bundle.

I have begun playing this game TODAY

I will write a review once my playthrough is complete.

First I must say the vibe! the music! the sound effects! the nostalgia for a magical time that was the 90s! This game is hitting me in the right spots as if it were equipped with "Vibro"!

The stats system reminds me of "Choose your own adventure books", delightful.

The enemy designs are solid and different from one another while respecting this fantabulous egyptian mad max style.

Keen to dig deeper inside the Pyramid...what will I find...? WHO KNOWS!




I played this on Steam. Delightfully evocative game world. Feels like it came from a different era of adventure game design. Makes me nostalgic for certain games of the late 1980s and early 1990s.


Oh my god, I remember playing this game on Android back in high school... I don't think I ever finished it, but it was super fun! I should download it again and finish it now that it's on itch!


Just remember this game and came back to play it still good as I remember


It's my favorite game!


i have seen this game a while back in 2016-17 and i have passed over it many times and out of all the times, now i see it, play it, and I am not disappointed this is another gem of a game great work keep it up




Wow this game stole 4 hours of my day today, but it was a worthwhile experience until now. It's hazy, intricate and labyrinthine - but just enough that I don't get stressed. It offered a weird world and a lot to discover. It's also very nice in game design aspects.

Much love!

I would gladly pay for that experience.


Hello, Elektix! I am a big fan of this game and enjoy playing it on my phone. I wanted to download it onto my laptop to play it there, but when I had downloaded the Mac version it said that the game is not up to date with my MacOS. I wanted to contact you to ask if you will please update the mac version of this game. I would really appreciate it! 


What engine did you use to make this game?


OHRRPGCE! It's flexible and fun to use. Definitely check it out.

Hello, manjaro linux here, segmentation fault after opening loading screen. I tried to run it with gdb and shows:

Thread 1 "voidpyramid" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0xf7f9814a in ogg_stream_pagein () from /usr/lib32/

I'll have to figure out what's going on with the Linux version. Until I have a chance to test it more. I'm going to disable it. Sorry!

On Linux, I got a missing library error for SDL 1.2. I downloaded and installed SDL 1.2 into the same folder as the game, but it still couldn't find it.

great little rpg.  actually reminds me of an rpg version of axiom verge and that's a deep compliment.  little bits of story are told through found lore and you kind of connect the dots as you go.  i actually like grinding and it's not a bad idea to do that in this game.  building attack and wits stats are good early on so you can oneshot enemies that you take a turn with first and so those enemies have a higher chance of rewarding you with a stat boost.

Never heard of Axiom Verge. I just looked it up. Seems cool. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. =)

Thanks for playing and commenting on Void Pyramid.

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This is an excellent RPG! I love just about everything it offers, including the clever use of art and detail for an 8-bit style!

See my blog post for more detailed thoughts on the game (as well as a highlight video from a recent livestream).

Loved this game. Finished this game on my phone during a 10-hour flight. It is a strangely satisfying mix of exploration, rpg element, black humor, retro art, bizarre setting. The developer has some common annoying elements, like stats number-crunching removed - battles are simply won or lose. I can say this is one of the most inspiring indie game on itch. Thank you.

Thanks so much for playing! I'm currently working on a new version due out this November. If you are looking for a reason to replay it, this version will add lots of new content. I'm also trying to get it Greenlit on Steam. If you you feel like supporting me, get on Steam and vote it up:

I agree, this is perfect for playing on the plane! (I used a windows tablet with keyboard (convertible))


This game is phenomenal. It's a no-holds-barred JRPG that sometimes feels like a roguelike or paper/pencil RPG. And it's even got mild puzzles. The way you build your character will determine your path.

If fighting through an intensely bizarre, dense dungeon/prison, barely surviving, sounds like fun to you, you gotta experience the Void Pyramid.

Thank you so much for this game. It might be my favorite on itchio.

This is fascinating and makes the impression of being super hard.