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In this sci-fi RPG/visual novel, you are an extraterrestrial movie director at a low-budget movie studio. Struggle against capitalism, corruption, and your eccentric coworkers to get the movie done on time and under budget.

Live the life of an extraterrestrial movie director in the intergalactic future. You work for Last Chance Productions, a low-budget movie studio full of sleazy, desperate, and eccentric aliens. Will you risk your health, sanity, and ideals to get the movie done on time and under budget? It's a living! Sort of.

Last Chance in Xollywood takes place in Ingress, an alien metropolis orbiting Earth and populated by people from across the galaxy. Beneath its shiny, cosmopolitan surface lurks inequality and corruption on a galactic level. At least the rent is cheap! (It's not.)

Make movies, make money, make friends, or fail spectacularly in this highly interactive RPG/visual novel.

Last Chance in Xollywood is completely free. Although the Special Edition DLC adds another playable character and some additional scenes, the base game can be fully experienced for free without the DLC.


  • 3 playable characters, each with their own story: Be a grizzled movie-making veteran, an idealistic kid fresh from art school, or a family man trying to support his twenty-three kids.
  • RPG skill system with 9 stats: Use your persuasion, creativity, technical knowledge, connections, or financial know-how to overcome challenges.
  • Relationship system with 8 characters to befriend or antagonize: You can't make everyone love you, and you probably won't even want to.
  • 6-8 hours and 100,000+ words
  • Countless choices and endings! (Seriously, there are a lot.)

Special Edition DLC (requires base game)

This DLC adds more chapters and a new playable character to Last Chance in Xollywood.

2 New Chapters: Totaling 10,000 words, these chapters occur in the middle of the story and add more challenging movie-making decisions. Deal with a bratty child actor. Learn to use antiquated and dangerous equipment. Keep Randy's raging temper in check (or egg her on).

New Playable Character: Meet Janos Janutolo, a veteran of the low-budget movie industry whose career is in a downward slide because of a debilitating chronic illness. Like the three playable characters in the base game, Janos has their own unique story segments.

DLC Install Instructions

Windows Instructions:
To install the DLC, unzip the DLC file and copy the the two files inside (dlc.rpy and dlc.rpyc) into the base game's directory. Put those two files in the "game" folder. The file path is typically "xollywood/game".

Mac Instructions:
To install the DLC, unzip the DLC file and copy the the two files inside (dlc.rpy and dlc.rpyc). Right click on the Xollywood application file (Xollywood.app) and choose "Show Package Contents". From there, navigate to "Contents > Resources > autorun > game" and paste dlc.rpy and dlc.rpyc in the "game" folder.

Testing the DLC:
When the Special Edition is installed correctly, you will see the Special Edition logo in the upper right corner of the title screen.

Updated 11 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorWilly Elektrix
GenreVisual Novel, Role Playing, Simulation
TagsLife Simulation, Working Simulator


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Nice to see a new game from you!

For linux users:

You can run the shell script, or run the executable located in:

<wherever you put the archive>/lib/py3-linux-x86_64/Xollywood

You'll probably need the chmod +x the file.

Loved the characters, the art, and the music!
Keep up the good work!

Despite being listed as Windows only, the zip includes a macOS .app file. However it seems to be configured wrong somehow - clicking on it doesn’t do anything, but if you open it and manually run Xollywood.sh the game opens and works fine Not sure if you plan on supporting mac, given it’s not officially listed, but it would be great to get a proper mac build so people can play without workarounds. Thanks!